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Time for a change

You don’t need to be a keen observer of the seasons to spot the spring blossoms in this montage from Montrose Beach. Yes, it’s Chicago, and the calendar really does say October. No, it’s not photoshop magic. But clearly this little sapling wanted to make a big impression before it went all dormant on us for the next five months.

What’s going on in your backyard this time of year? Are you astonished by nature’s symphony of brilliant crimsons and intense yellows in the trees or only seeing yard work? Are you amazed at the way the low angle sun highlights the tall grasses waving briskly in the afternoon breeze or simply squinting through your windshield in traffic? Are you curious how your neighborhood squirrels remember where they stashed another winter’s worth of provisions or do you just see rodents running amok?

Maybe you’re living in a part of the world that looks the same from month to month. And anyone who knows me well understands my lack of excitement for winter. But there’s something about fall around here that catches my eye. It’s not just the pretty colors and lively critters. The looming specter of longer nights and colder temps heightens the urgency to get out and enjoy a few more days of sunshine. Change is inevitable.

Enjoy the journey.





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