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Product I LOVE right now… #origrami

As I was looking at galleries on Instagram recently, I stumbled along this cool product from Australia, Origrami. Thanks, @MarianBader for the post! There are countless Instagram printing options out there, but this one ROCKS! See the uber awesome packaging and care that each print is given. I only placed two orders to start, but my creative side sees so many options for sharing your Instagram photos. One of my resolutions for #2014 was to PRINT more of my own images – What good is that hard drive full of images? It’s a safety deposit box for your memories, but what I need more of is the interactive side of thumbing through prints, albums, and taking time to ponder and enjoy an art gallery again!

It’s about being in the present and telling your story with words and images to create those deeper memories!

What will you create?

©Amy Boyle Photography

©Amy Boyle Photography

©Amy Boyle Photography


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