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Looking back on a Rocky Mountain Vacation

I’m sitting on the front porch of our Rocky Mountain cabin. Storms are in the distance as a light rain continues to fall. We’ve been in the mountains for almost a week and today has been the first real rain and it is already passing as summer storms do out here.

The scent of the sage brush is accentuated with the new fallen precipitation and the birds look happy that there is new moisture in the otherwise arid climate. The distant rumble of thunder and occasional flash of lightning reminds me that these mountains do create their own weather as the park rangers have told us frequently. Being able to have such an unobstructed view of this in action is awe inspiring. Mother Nature is one tough cookie and she surely gives us so much to appreciate as well as heed in her subtle and not so subtle communications.

Being out of the hustle and bustle of city life has been so refreshing. I do have to say entry and reentry after a trip like this makes for an adjustment period. Getting to our first stop in the Rocky Mountain National Park campground with the elevation change and quick realization that you are off the grid takes a bit of getting used to. By day two, I was at peace with the quiet and the new surroundings that would be my home for the week. We had a warm and dry tent with amazing views. As we are experienced campers, we know the importance of good meal planning when camping. My Eagle Scout husband and I just love planning the meals and our fours sons may never know the hot dogs and beans version of camp cuisine. We feasted on steak kabobs with rice pilaf, chicken fajitas with all the fixings and Artichoke and Pesto pasta all prepared in our campsite. One of my favorite traditions is bringing a bit of home to the woods. We always bring a nice table cloth and our boys collect wildflowers so there is a fresh bouquet the table each night.

I hope that when I return to the city and its commotion is at a peak, I can conjured up the images of these spectacular mountains. They are so strong and beautiful for their ruggedness yet soft side, tenacity and their ability to always evolve. Those are some pretty great qualities to emulate!

This was my first trip to Colorado and I will certainly be back.

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