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What's your WOY (Word of the year)?

Here we go – 2017! Are you ready to see a change? I have been a big believer in setting goals over the years – Some I keep, some are mere guidelines, and some get forgotten entirely. One thing that has stuck with me is setting an intention word or theme to the year – I start by looking back on the year prior and see what areas I excelled and dig deeper into the areas that were lacking. Accessing how these milestones made me feel helps me set the tone for the path I’d like to pursue in the coming year. What do you wish to attract more of? TIME, LOVE, PATIENCE, FUN, LAUGHTER?

My word for the year is PROSPERITY. After almost two years of some major personal losses and period of immense change, I am ready to embrace a more prosperous life.

“My definition of prosperity is similar to this one, but with a twist. Prosperity to me is the ability to attain what my soul truly desires and that is good for the betterment of my human experience. As you can see, this definition of prosperity is not necessarily receiving financial prosperity and material positions only, is much more than that.
It is the ability to allow your soul to guide you in life to always receive what you need materially for your personal development, so that you can fully express your inner spiritual path.
This definition of prosperity is based on my understanding that we are more than physical beings and that our inner spiritual powers can help us achieve not only financial prosperity, which feeds our body, but also spiritual prosperity, which feeds our soul. “ – Maria Atzori

It is helpful to have your WOY top of mind – Write it in and on your journal – Mark the top of your to-do list with your WOY daily. If you like a more tactical remembrance, try out some custom jewelry. ( i.e. My Intent or – Erica Fullen Designs *Please note I am not receiving compensation to mention them. There are many sources, but these are two I am familiar with at the present time. )

What is your word? How will it guide you in 2017? Leave a comment below!



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