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What’s on your nightstand?

I vowed to read at least one business or otherwise inspiring book a month for 2016 – So far I am on track! WOO HOO – Seriously this is a big accomplishment!

January: I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron.  I have always loved Ms Ephron’s dry humor and in this particular book, I feel a sense of her experience with the changes of older age and loss. 2015 was a particularly difficult year for me with many losses and I found Nora’s anecdotes helpful, humorous, and a little bit heart wrenching.

February: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Big Magic is just the kick in the pants I need for 2016. Thank  you Ms. Gilbert  for reminding us all that you do not need a hall pass to be creative. We are all creative and we just need to do the work or have the fun!

 What are you reading and why?


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