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What I did on my summer vacation (Part 1)

It’s August, and retailers are already making us think about back to school. As hard as that concept is to someone who LIVES for summer, I wanted to start my writing prompt (What I did on my summer vacation) now so as to stop time and enjoy what is the present. Summer is still not over and there are plenty of warm days and lovely sunsets to capture.

Part 1: Cape Cod

We have had 20 continuous summers in this magical place. Seeing the cape cod sign and crossing the bridge evokes a sense of excitement everytime. As we run to the beach to see the first sunset and get on “cape-time”, my personal clock is reset and I am ready to breathe the salty air while enjoying the pace that becomes as rhythmic as the waves on the beach.

Beauty, tradition, family memories, and new adventures await every year!








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