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It’s the small things

Sometimes you just have to stop and think about the importance of a moment. I love that my job allows me to do that on a regular basis. Photographers “freeze” time, but being mindful of what and when is so very important. Yesterday I had the pleasure of having my 2nd oldest son, Colin, assist me on a morning portrait session. This is not new as he has assisted me many times before. What I was able to notice this time was that in the past I would have to give much direction – “Stand here, etc.” Now after practice of his own and working with me for a few years, he was much more comfortable. He even chatted easily with my clients. By putting them at ease, he was getting genuine smiles for some great behind the scenes shots, and all the while sharing his very evident love for photography too.

I was so thrilled to be able to see this first hand. What an important moment. Colin was changing his style of photography and growing his craft right before my eyes. We completed the session and I was grateful to have extra time so we could do a mini photowalk of our own. Discussing what we saw and created over a yummy brunch in Lincoln Sqaure. Our teenagers don’t mind being “paid” with a delicious meal and good conversation!

Later in the afternoon, my husband and I with two more of our boys dropped off Colin at work. He was photographing the regional meet for cross country at Washington Park. I was happy to see him combining more of what he loves. As a runner himself, Colin is keenly aware of important shots to capture in telling the story of the event. While he continued to photograph the meet, Jeff and I along with the other boys explored the park. The sky was changing so often; it made for such dramatic lighting. You would think it was many days in one to see all the shots, but it was just a fall day in Chicago. One of our last stops for the day was viewing the Lorado Taft sculpture, the Fountain of Time. I see many different things each time I look at it. Today more than ever this quote meant more to me.

From the The Paradox Of Time

“Time goes, you say? Ah, no! Alas, time stays, we go.” -Henry Austin Dobson

To know that I had a small part in passing on my love of photography to Colin makes me beam. May he pass his love of photography on to others as well!



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